Lose Fat And Build Muscles – Can You Do This Together?

Can you lose fat and build muscle together? Logic would say NO, but YES, you can achieve both of these together with Body Recomposition! Body Recomposition is when you take steps to lose fat and build muscles simultaneously. It’s like changing the composition of your body in a way that it has less body fat … Read more

5 High-Protein Meals Perfect For Gym Lovers

Right after hitting the gym, the intense hunger can make you eat a whole pizza to bring back the lost energy. But why waste your hard work if you can replenish your energy levels with the right meal? Yes, a meal full of proteins! Those strenuous gym workouts cause tiny muscle tears that need to … Read more

Pair These 5 Amazing Superfoods with Your Proteins to Gain Muscles Fast!

Let’s make this clear! If you are a gym lover or an athlete, your entire diet should NOT rely only on proteins. Yes, we said it! Every human needs an array of macro and micronutrients to stay healthy and reach fitness goals. That’s why pairing up your proteins with some amazing superfoods is the best thing you … Read more

Chicken, Fish or Beef: What’s The Best for Weight Loss and Healthy Diet?

To stay healthy, you need to include many nutrients in your diet. These include carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, fats, etc. Of all these nutrients, proteins keep you full for longer periods and reduce random junk food cravings. Due to this ability of proteins, they are an essential component of weight loss or healthy diet plans. Meat … Read more

The Importance of Meal Planning For Fitness Lovers

Are you tired of spending hours in the kitchen preparing meals every single day? Being a fitness lover, it’s often quite challenging to juggle your healthy eating and workouts simultaneously. If you are also fed up with all this hassle – here’s what you should do. Start Meal Prepping because it is the best way … Read more

6 Best Foods for Healthy Skin

The right amount of nutrition is essential for health as the food you consume plays a massive role in keeping you healthy and fit. Filling up the stomach with an unbalanced diet makes you gain weight and slows down your metabolism at an early age. And whatever you put inside your stomach appears on your … Read more

4 Best Superfoods To Achieve An Optimal Health

Superfoods – this buzzword is all around the internet nowadays! Unlimited commercials, brand advertisements, nutritional campaigns, social media posts, you name it! Some foods have been given a lot of attention among these superfoods because of the dozens of nutritional benefits they provide. As Cleveland Clinic says, Superfoods are associated with Heart health A strong … Read more

Five Incredible Superfoods For Fitness Enthusiasts

Over the last few years, there has been a lot of research regarding the health benefits of some plant-based foods. Nutritionists from all over the world have prepared dietary patterns that reduce the risk of chronic medical conditions. These healthy patterns include nutrient-rich superfoods that can boost your fitness level and promote your overall wellness. … Read more

5 Scientifically-Proven Foods That Help You Lose Weight in A Healthy Way

Scientific studies have shown that some foods are eaten regularly and inadequate amounts are linked to healthy weight loss. Food is metabolized differently depending on its composition and origin, therefore, once in the body they behave differently in terms of their effects on hormones, calories, and satiety. Due to this, to achieve sustainable weight loss, … Read more

How to Retain Muscle When Cutting Weight

Whether you’re weight cutting for competition or simply as a means of weight maintenance for health purposes, it’s just as necessary to retain lean muscle during the process. While some believe that it’s not possible to retain muscle, or even build muscle, during a phase of weight loss, the opposite happens to be true. What … Read more