These leading fat burning exercises will have you burning calories quicker than most

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Do you want to burn your calories faster? If yes, then first, wisely choose your exercise according to your body requirement. For example, if you want to get the most calories bang for your buck, then go for running because it burns the most calories per hour. But if running isn’t your thing, there are other several calorie-burning exercises such as swimming and rope jumping. You can also combine two or more exercises according to your fitness level.

How many calories you burn depends on different factors, such as:

  • your height and bodyweight
  • intensity
  • exercise duration
  • pace

Generally, if you have more weight, you will burn more calories during exercise. Some important fat and calorie burning exercises are:

High-knee running

It is a vigorous cardio workout, which increases heart rate while providing strength to your lower body parts. As a high-intensity exercise, it helps to burn 240 to 355 calories in just 30 minutes.

How to perform?

  • Run fast, while lifting your knees as high as possible
  • Quickly pump your arms up and down


It is a low-impact exercise, which burns calories while improving blood flow, muscle strength, heart, and lung capacity. A study has shown that 30-minute swimming can burn 198 to 294 calories. One more study has depicted that casual swimming of thirty minutes can burn the same number of calories as 30 minutes of jogging. Furthermore, it is less stressful for your body. That’s why; it is also suitable for people with limited mobility or joint problems.


To enhance caloric burn during swimming, do water aerobics or laps.


No doubt running is the best calorie-burning exercise. But if you do not have enough time to go on a run, you can shorten your exercise into high-intensity sprints. During this exercise, your body quickly burns calories to fuel your workout.


For better outcomes, you should warm up your body by doing high-knee running or jumping jacks before sprinting.

Butt kick

You can easily perform this exercise to burn a bundle of calories even if you don’t have much time. Similar to high-knee running, butt kicks are also a cardio workout, which can burn 240 to 355 calories in 30 minutes.

How to perform this?

  • Lift your one heel towards your butt
  • Repeat the same process with your other heel
  • Quickly alternate your heels while pumping your arms

Aerobic dance

Calorie or fat-burning workouts are not just limited to high-intensity training or running. If you like to dance, you can shed extra fat by doing a high-intensity dance workout at home. According to health experts, dancing is a cardio workout, which is masked as a recreational activity. It is a fun way to strengthen your heart and burn calories.


You can try a famous dance workout such as Bokwa or Zumba.

In the bottom line

Running is the best workout to burn the most calories and fat per hour. Swimming, butt kicks, sprints, and aerobic dance are good options as well. But before starting any exercise plan, first, consult your trainer.


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