5 Best Tricep Exercises 

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It can be challenging for people to build their arms, even when they think they’re strengthening all three parts. Your tricep workouts need to include something if they aren’t making your muscles grow. The long head, the lateral head, and the middle head are some of these. Some moves focus on different parts of the triceps, but all of these heads tighten when you work out your triceps. We’ll talk about the 5 best tricep exercises to get solid and hard triceps. These are the exercises that hit all of those muscle groups from all sides.


What are the Triceps?


One of the most important muscles in the upper arm is the triceps brachii. From the shoulder to the elbow, the triceps run along the funny bone. Along with the biceps, it helps move the wrist forward and backward. The triceps is a free muscle, which means you can choose to move it.

1. Close-Grip Barbell Bench Press:


You lift the bar with your hands shoulder-width apart in this version of the bench press. Moving your hands in this way puts more stress on your triceps. With the close-grip bench press, you won’t be able to lift as much weight, but your triceps will get stronger. To work on your triceps, do the arms-in pose. This will take the stress off of your shoulder joint. If you build more muscle on the back of your arms, it will show in the lockout, or top part, of a standard bench press.


How to Do the Close-Grip Barbell Bench Press


  • Set up like you would for a flat bench press. Place your hands shoulder-width apart and tuck your arms into your body. 
  • Take the bar off the rack and hold it over your chest. 
  • As the bar falls to the chest, pull the arms in toward the body. 
  • As soon as your hands hit the chest, press through them to work your triceps. Then, lift the weight back up.

2. Dumbbell Skull Crushers:

The dumbbell skull crusher is the most popular and effective way to work your arms, even though it might sound scary. It’s used a lot in bodybuilding plans, and some of the best athletes use it in their workouts. The skull crusher works your chest and triceps at the same time, like a dumbbell lift, but without the entire stretch. If you want to work out the middle head of your triceps, the skull crusher is a better exercise than standing triceps extensions or other exercises where your upper arm is at your side.


How To Perform Dumbbell Skull Crushers 


  • Could you set up a bench and lie down on it? Hold one kettlebell that is light to moderately heavy.
  • With both hands in a diamond shape, place your head on top of the bench and press the dumbbell over your head. You can also do this by yourself with two dumbbells, one in each hand.
  • Lower the weight over your head until your arms are fully stretched out behind you. Flex your elbow.
  • To get back to the starting position, press the weight back up over your head.


3. Lying Triceps Extension:


It’s not for beginners just because this exercise is sometimes called the “skull crusher.” There are different ways to do it, like over-the-head vs. behind-the-head, but the arm movement stays the same. Once you’re good at other tricep movements and workouts, add this one to your routine. When you really know how to work your upper body, do this tricep workout followed by a heavy chest press.


How to do Lying Triceps Extension:


  • In the overhand grip position, hold an EZ bar with the inner grip and press it over your chest.
  • Stretch your arms out straight.
  • Lower the bar slowly until it’s just above your face, making sure to keep your elbows tucked in and your arms straight out from your body.
  • Bring your arms back to the starting position slowly, making sure not to lock your elbows.
  • Repeat.


4. Diamond Push-Ups:


You can do this tricep exercise from the comfort of your own home. It’s a moderately complex choice to the standard push-up. The diamond push-up is usually thought of as a chest exercise, but you have to push through the ground and lift your body weight with your triceps. When you do regular push-ups, your hands should be just outside of shoulder width. But if you bring your hands in and tuck your elbows, you can put more stress on your triceps muscles, especially the lateral head. To do a diamond push-up, follow these steps:

Here’s how to perform a diamond push-up:


How to Do the Diamond Push-Up:


It’s not necessary to make a perfect diamond with your hands, but keeping them close will help you work on your triceps. Try moving your hands around to find the best pose for you. 

To keep your back straight, do a push-up carefully while keeping your core and hips tight. 

During the whole movement, keep your elbows tucked in next to your ribs, and don’t flare out.


5. Push Press:


If you put enough weight on the dumbbell, almost any pushing move can also be used to work your triceps. Overhead pressing is a great way to build strength in your upper body as a whole, but your triceps may not be the only thing holding you back. The push press helps you put a lot of mechanical stress on your triceps by making the first part of the lift, which is where your shoulders do most of the work, less critical. It’s never been so hard to do five rep sets.


How to Do the Push Press:


  • If you want to use a barbell, take it out of the squat rack and hold it in the front rack position with your feet under your hips or a little wider apart.
  • As you dip into a high half squat, sink just enough so that your knees line up with your toes.
  • Push hard into the floor as if you were going to jump as you aggressively turn the move around.
  • Then, tilt your head back and let the bar fly off your shoulders. Your whole lower body should be stretched out.
  • As the bar goes over your head, press down on it with your arms to make sure it stays in place.


What is the function of the triceps brachii muscle?


The three heads of the triceps brachii muscle perform different tasks. Elbow flexion and extension are controlled by the lateral and medial heads, which do not pass via the shoulder joint. With an insertion point that originates from the scapula, the long head does, in fact, traverse the shoulder joint. This is why, in terms of muscle growth, the long head is crucial for exercising the triceps. 


 How to get bigger triceps


The best way to get bigger biceps and arms, in general, is to work on your long head and middle head more.The triceps are mostly made up of the long head, so to get it bigger quickly, we’ll start with arm movements that stretch it. During your schooling, you should remember the medical head. It’s not as big as the long head, but bigger arms will have a better-developed middle head.

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