5 best back exercises

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A robust and well-defined back not only makes you look better but it also helps your general posture and functional power. If you want to strengthen your back muscles, you need to include functional back movements in your workout routine. Today, we’re going to talk about the five best back exercises. 

1. Trap Bar Deadlift

Trap bar deadlifts are a lot like regular deadlifts. But because a trap bar (also called a hex bar) is used instead of an Olympic barbell, the setup and setting are a little different. 

How to do it:

  • Put load plates on each side of one of the best trap bars. Use plates that are Olympic-sized.
  • Enter the trap bar’s hexagonal shape. Make sure you’re in the middle and that your feet are shoulder-width apart. When you reach for the trap bar handles, bend down and keep your back flat. Don’t twist or round your neck. 
  • You have to drive through your feet to keep your balance. Flex your hips all the way out and squeeze your glutes. Be careful not to arch your back too far back. 
  • By bringing the hex bar back to the ground and pulling your shoulder blades together. This will keep your back from rounding.
  • Touch-and-go reps can go on, or if you’re pulling considerable weight, let go and start over. 

2. Push-Up Hold

How to do it:

  • Rather than cranking out hundreds of reps, incorporate more isometric back exercises in your back workout to help improve core stability and control.
  • Start in a push-up stance with your feet hip-width apart, your hands slightly wider than shoulder-width, and. From the heels to the head, the body should be positioned in a straight line.
  • In order to float a few inches above the ground, bend your elbows and lower torso. Once you’ve taken a full breath, press halfway up and hold for another.
  • Return to your lowest point and hold for one long breath.
  • For one more hold, go back to your midpoint.
  • Perform five repetitions.

3. Barbell Row

The barbell row is an excellent supplement to any back workout for bulk since, generally speaking, you can lift more weight with it than with other barbell back exercises.

How to do it:

  • Put your toes slightly outward and place your feet beneath a weighted barbell approximately shoulder-width apart.
  • With your hands slightly broader than your shoulders and your palms pointing in your direction, stoop down and grab the bar. 
  • When your back is almost parallel to the floor, elevate your hips and straighten your back.
  • Drive through your legs to start the exercise, then draw the barbell to your upper body, contacting it somewhere between your lower chest and belly button, using the momentum your lower body has created. 
  • Once the bar makes contact with your body, spin the motion around and go back to the beginning. 

4. Superman Exercise:

The Superman exercise is a bodyweight movement that focuses on the lower back muscles, promoting strength and stability in that region.

How to do it:

  • Lie face down on a mat with your arms extended in front of you and legs straight.
  • Lift your arms, chest, and legs off the ground as high as possible, focusing on contracting your lower back muscles.
  • Hold this position for a few seconds, then lower back down to the starting position.
  • Incorporating these back exercises into your workout routine will undoubtedly aid in building a strong, defined back. Remember, consistency and proper form are crucial to achieving optimal results. Stay dedicated, and witness the transformation in your back strength and physique.

5. Rack Pulls

Rack pulls are like regular deadlifts, but there’s one big difference: When you pull the dumbbell from a high position, your body doesn’t move through as much of a range of motion. The load is mainly put on your back because you don’t get to use the strength in your legs and glutes as much. 

How to do it

  • A power rack is something you’ll need along with your barbell and weight plates. A power rack is the best thing to use, but jerk blocks or stacks of 45-pound bumper plates will also work. 
  • Place the bar so that it rests where you’re having trouble with the deadlift. This is just below or just above the knee for most people. 
  • Take a normal deadlift position and stand in front of the bar. Hold on to the bar and put your feet down. 
  • Pull until your hips are fully extended. Take a big breath in and out. 
  • Don’t just hit the safety bars with the bar again. Be careful as you lower the hammer back down to get the most out of the workout.
  • Every time you do a rack pull, you can start over. If you’re going big, it might be a good idea. 
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